ATOM, the most efficient and advanced OTT technology option

Fractal ATOM is a totally integrated OTT solution which allows you to create your own brand’s platform to distribute your content around the world and on many devices at the same time.

With the same tool you can control management and storage of content, as well as distribution through the Web, Mobile and Connected TV.

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Video innovation and technology

Create your own “Netflix” type video platform. Have the best innovations and functions to offer your clients the best service.

Marketing Tools

Analytics, price changes, coupons, paywall, AI tools, customer management, automated translations, live, ads all from the same CMS.

Combine Models

Videos/articles open or closed, depending on the rules you decide for each content. Ads in some videos, payments or subscriptions in others, all in the same ecosystem.

We cover the whole life cycle of online video distribution

From video encoding to payment methods, we cover 100% of the video business, from one unique provider.

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Create your own “Netflix” type video platform

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