Free Ad-Supported Streaming TV or free linear channel streaming service with advertising.

Fast channels or “free ad-supported streaming television” are those channels or free platforms that are monetized through advertising.

In recent years, new platforms have been incorporated with subscription-based models (SVOD) such as Netflix, HBO, Prime Video etc. and models with advertising (AVOD) that offered videos for people to watch on demand such as YouTube.

But there is a model, which, despite what is believed, is more accepted by the market, and also by the financial results of companies, and is that of offering linear content free of charge, with advertising (FAST).

But is there only one way to offer that publicity? Do we think that users will not want to see advertising on a video if they will be able to watch it for free?

FAST mimics the old linear broadcast/TV models, but provides a lot of flexibility with fast-forward, rewind and switch between episodes. All of this means that these channels are growing at an extremely fast pace both at the user level and at the geographical level.

According to Deloitte, 47% of Americans consume “FAST” streaming services. Not surprisingly, this method of delivering content reaches massive audiences; free and easily accessible content. And not only that, the current high supply of subscription-based platforms makes the potential market willing to pay for content consumption increasingly lethargic, and this model offers some relief in their portfolios.

Some examples of FAST Channels:

Pluto TV.
Samsung TV+.
Roku Channel
And now youll ask yourself, whats the difference between AVOD and FAST?

For many, they are the same concept, but they have small differences.

We have these pretty clear differences, and its clearer in the business model, the type of content it serves, and the audiences that consume it.

AVOD (ad-supported video-on-demand) provides audiences with a personalized, leaning experience where they can select content on demand to meet their interests or complement their overall entertainment portfolio.
FAST (free television broadcasting with advertising) is very similar to linear television. Viewers can relax and enjoy a scheduled list of content selected for them, with advertisements shown to them through a traditional linear television programming model.

fast channels

And why should the FAST model be taken into account?

First because of the acceptance they have among users. This gives the opportunity to create a larger subscriber base due to the enhanced user experiences that are gained as a result of more personal content. Creating niche FAST channels.

Second because they are easy to create with the right tools. Some channel creators are creating FAST channels from short-form or VOD content, grouping content and serving it linearly.

Thirdly they have more visibility. Operators make FAST channels visible and have decided to place the FAST linear channel as the first channel that appears right when you open the app, i. e. the viewer has FAST channels as one of the best options.

Fourth have better CPM. For a traditional cable channel, this can be difficult to measure, but a CPM is usually estimated at between €10 and €25 depending on the content and time of day. The insertion of ads on a FAST channel is always dynamic and is usually targeted at the home or the individual. This level of orientation generates CPM of €40 to €50 per 1000 impressions, for households and individuals respectively. This means you can earn between 0. 60€ and 1€ for every hour a consumer sees your FAST

And after all this, whats the conclusion?

The FAST market is growing fast, and its a fairly new market. Although there are already many major platforms, more than 500 unique channels and billions of dollars in advertising revenue, it is an attractive market segment for many. And what are you waiting for to be next?

Count on us to create your FAST channel, we have the technology and know the industry. You can ask us any questions about FAST channels, video distribution or ways to monetize. Our goal is to help you!

Last Modified: 08-05-2023