The Marketing Tools integrated into our CMS offer a wide range of functionalities designed to boost your strategy:

  • Data analytics providing deep insights into user behavior

  • Dynamic price changes for quick market adaptation

  • Coupons to offer special promotions

  • Advertisement integration

  • AI for automatic translations and video scene creation

  • Customer database management

  • Live event hosting

  • Paywall system to manage content access as desired

Having the best platform and content is the first step, but standing out against the competition is crucial

OTT Audience Engagement:

OTT Audience Engagement:

We carry out design, weekly tracking and optimization of campaigns in principal client acquisition channels: SEM, FB ADS, others to be defined in accordance with analytics following the results.

On acquisition dashboard conclusions and the remaining analytic tools, monthly strategy design and emailing as well as product evolutionary improvement plan and content to increase the profitability of subscribers.

Design and production of video pieces directed at acquisition marketing on social networks. It includes selection of stories, scripts, editing and publication.

Our team optimizes your resources in order to increase the results of your business at the lowest cost.

We design, activate and maintain client acquisition campaigns in all the platforms that you must take into account in order to obtain more subscribers or more viewings of your content.

  • Activation and control of SEM Campaigns

  • ASO Positioning (APP store Optimization) and SEO

  • Google AdWords

  • Social network campaigns (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube)

  • Video campaigns

  • Self-management training