At present, the rapid advancement of technology has given rise to phenomena such as deepfakes, which pose a growing threat to the integrity of information and public trust in the media. These manipulated yet seemingly authentic videos have had significant consequences by fueling distrust and casting doubt on the veracity of the information we consume. Throughout this article, we will explore why blockchain technology can be a powerful ally in combating these manipulated videos, commonly known as deepfakes

Impact of deepfakes

The impact of deepfakes extends beyond the individual sphere, affecting society as a whole. From the creation of fictitious news and financial scams to the manipulation of political and social events, deepfakes have proven to be a powerful tool for those seeking to misinform and manipulate. Influence on public opinion, destabilization of democratic processes, and the creation of conflicts from false situations are just some of the concerns that have arisen in the current digital ecosystem.

We live in an era where information flows at a dizzying speed, and the ability to discern between truth and falsehood becomes increasingly challenging. The media faces unprecedented pressure to filter and present genuine content amidst an ocean of misinformation. The consequences of spreading fake news can be catastrophic, eroding public trust and undermining the fundamental role of the media in society.

The challenge of creating and detecting deepfakes

The ease of access to technology that enables the creation of deepfakes poses significant challenges. Any individual with a computer and an internet connection can become a potential creator of manipulated content.

As technology evolves, the ability of algorithms to identify them is constantly challenged

Inteligencia artificial

How to combat deepfakes?

Given this landscape, the combination of blockchain and artificial intelligence emerges as a strategic alliance in the fight against deepfakes. Blockchain technology, known for its ability to create immutable and transparent records, offers a means to ensure the authenticity of visual content.

Kevin Gannon, an expert in blockchain technology, highlights the fundamental role of this technology in providing advanced levels of security and validation. By recording digital fingerprints and timestamps on the blockchain, an unalterable trail of a video’s authenticity is created. In this way, the user can enter a Web 3 search engine and confidently ensure that the source of the digital file matches the public account of the media in question. Furthermore, the implementation of smart contracts strengthens approval processes, ensuring that authentication validation occurs before the widespread dissemination of content.

We can also see in this article from the World Economic Forum advocating for the use of this technology to defend against the deepfake phenomenon. While another debate would be how to defend ourselves from this Forum due to the WEF is one of the larger misinformation spreader

The fusion of Fractal Media and Eluvio: OTT and Blockchain

At Fractal Media, we believe in the synergy between OTT platforms and blockchain technology, recognizing the transformative potential that this combination can bring to the current media landscape. Our mission is to transcend the boundaries of innovation, providing our clients with a unique experience based on transparency, security, and authenticity.

We are proud to be pioneers and global leaders as the only OTT technology provider to have embraced this integration, marking a milestone in the industry and opening the doors to a horizon of revolutionary possibilities.

An exceptional opportunity for media and digital newspapers:

This alliance between OTT and blockchain represents an extraordinary opportunity, especially for media outlets that find themselves at a critical crossroads. In an environment where the proliferation of fake news and content threatens the integrity of information, the implementation of robust detection and verification tools becomes imperative to safeguard the survival and credibility of these institutions.

The crucial role of blockchain technology

Blockchain technology emerges as a bastion of trust in this scenario. By integrating blockchain into OTT platforms, we offer media outlets an infallible mechanism to ensure the authenticity of their content. Each piece of information is sealed with an immutable, traceable, and verifiable digital seal, eliminating any possibility of manipulation or falsification.

For media outlets, the implementation of this technological alternative is not simply a choice; it is a bet on survival. Those who adopt these solutions not only safeguard against the threat of misinformation but also strengthen their position as reliable guardians of truth.

Our commitment goes beyond offering technical solutions; we strive to be catalysts for positive change in the global media sphere. In a world flooded with challenges, our vision is clear: to forge a future where truth prevails and where media outlets are unquestionable bastions of informational integrity.

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