Why Fractal Media?

More than 12 years creating video technology solutions for different companies in the entertainment industry. Our line of business includes the creation of End-to-End digital environments, including the development of OTT platforms, multi-device applications and CDN services.

With offices in Madrid and Miami, a great experienced team consolidated with hundreds of success stories collected to date. Since 2007, more than 100 companies continue to trust Fractal Media as the ideal technological partner to grow their digital business. Do you dare to be the next?

A comprehensive solution through one unique provider

Every project has several stages from its conception as an idea to its launch into the world. For this reason, at Fractal Media we base project management on a waterfall methodology and we create a collaborative work methodology. In a highly complex multi-device environment, the internal processes, the coordination between teams and the clarity in communication are important, which is why we support you and accompany you throughout the learning curve.

Our vast experience, dedication to service and structure of flexible code based on microservices are prepared for offering advanced technological solutions at an affordable price to set up realistic business models around video.

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We offer a highly recognized technology in the sector with enormous potential, being the benchmark OTT in Spain.