OTT or Over-The-Top platforms are platforms that transmit videos, audios or other types of content and do not require other operators for their distribution or dissemination.

What is anOTT?

The reality is that everyone knows and uses an Over The Topplatform almost every day without knowing the meaning of this term.

OTT stands forOver The Top, is the technical term used in the world of technology and communication to speak of free broadcasting, what many users call video platforms,streaming platforms  among others, it consists of the transmission of audio, video and other content over the Internet that does not require an operator for its distribution. Thus the user can view the desired content live at any time and place, and with any device with Internet connection.

But I dont want to go into detail about what OTT platforms are about, but Id like to talk about something more important, the technology tool behind these multi-device environments, CMS.

The content management system (CMS) is the tool with which the entire digital environment is managed, we are talking about content management, catalog management, user management, monetization management, access to consumption statistics, device management and other endless tasks to provide the best service and nourish the devices (Fronts).

This task becomes very complex as the volume of audience and content grows, so think of efficient tools that ensure the delivery of a quality user experience. This is where a good content management system adds the most value by simplifying the day-to-day management and distribution of content, and where the task of storing, organizing and managing videos, texts or audio is done safely and effectively.

In addition, video transmission has become an important part of many companies, beyond the telecommunications sector, and there is a need to intelligently manage its content for different sectors and different needs. Now the OTT platform is more than just an entertainment platform, and you need a reliable and always ready content management tool.

That's why Fractal Media has been providing value and product for this environment for more than a decade with our Fractal Atom solution. Our Content Management System or OTT CMS, is a national reference and one of the most advanced video cms in the sector for many industries.

It currently has many functionalities and modules that provide dynamism, efficiency and convenience when it comes to managing these complex environments. It is prepared to solve both multi-business environments (SVOD, AVOD, TVOD, Freemium) and multi-device environments.

How is content managed on an OTT platform?

Easy, as we talked about before, with a CMS (Content Management System) The CMS allows you to perform all types of management related to the contents of the OTT platform, such as individual or batch loading, metadata editing, control of publication dates and geo-blocking, etc.

It also enables the classification of videos into channels and the control of their look and feel on the different fronts, all from a single point of management. In the CMS, you can also consult statistical information on content consumption based on different parameters, as well as manage end-users and advertising spaces.

Integrally and under a single access, a multitude of relevant functionalities to improve the user experience coexist in the same CMS:

  • Asset management (asset management)
  • Category management
  • Podcast management (podcast management)
  • Event Management (event management)
  • Frontend management (front management)
  • Complex builder (advanced front management, multitenant)
  • Statistics (statistics)
  • Push notifications
  • Admin (administration of users with access to CMS)
  • Business Intelligence (statistics on payments and user behaviour)
  • Customer Management (user management, payment plans, coupons, promotions)
  • Live Management (live signal management)
  • EPG management (electronic programming management)
  • Advertisement Management (ad space management and Ad Manager)
  • Translation Management (managing and editing translations of automated assets)
  • Transcriptions & Subtitle manager (automatic transcription and subtitle editing)
  • Paywall Management (management of payment walls)
  • E-commerce management (tool for cross selling and promotion)
  • But we don't stop here, day by day we move forward with the industry and with our clients towards a much more robust and efficient platform. Our goal is to move towards new trends such as the application of artificial intelligence to video, tokenization and fantoken, immersive video and 360o videos among others. . .

Contact us if you are looking to develop an OTT, at least we will have a pleasant conversation about technology and industry.